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We all get stuck sometime in our lives and within our relationships, and choosing to start counselling is a recognition that someone may be able to help, instead of struggling to deal with the problem alone.

Understandably we try to avoid painful feelings and thoughts, however talking about them and exploring our current and past experiences can bring deeper understanding to our situation, and our habitual ways of relating and responding.


There may have been a recent crisis but sometimes it can be difficult to identify the cause of our problems, and we may not understand why we feel anxious, emotional, or stressed. At these times talking to someone in confidence, and without judgement, can be hugely beneficial, as family and friends may be too close to the problem, or just not available to listen. Concerns are easier to resolve with the support of a counsellor, for together we can identify patterns of thinking, feelings and behaviour which may be contributing to your current difficulties, making it possible to then move forward to making more informed and helpful choices.


Whether it is relationship struggles, a loss in your life, anxiety, stress, feeling down or alone, coping with illness, or wanting to make some changes in your life, counselling can offer relief and insight to help you find your own answers to these issues. My belief is that we all have the potential within us to manage our problems but sometimes we need support to access our resources and capacities.

How counselling can help
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