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Couple counselling


The ability to create and maintain good relationships is fundamental to our well-being.  If you are unhappy in your relationship or are experiencing problems we can work together to improve communication and facilitate change. Even if your partner does not want to attend with you, counselling alone can still be beneficial and have a positive impact on your relationship.

People often assume that couples counselling is for when a relationship is in its death throes, however many couples see it as a way to address concerns before they become conflictual, in order to enjoy a more satisfying and rewarding relationship. Most relationships go through a difficult stage, it is very normal, and what is helpful is to get some insight into the difficulties and then work on navigating through these conflicts and resolving the situation.

Relationship difficulties surround issues such as communication, conflict (misunderstandings and arguments), care of children and parenting styles, sexual problems, infertility, trust, affairs, values, finances, work related stress and bereavement.

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