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How do I know if counselling is right for me?

If you are uncertain about how to deal with your feelings or problems then counselling can offer you relief, insight and possible resolution by talking to someone in confidence who is trained to really understand and help.  You may feel that the problem is too small and undeserving of being addressed, or that no one can help as everything has become so problematic, but I believe that nothing is too small or too big to be supported with.  If I feel it more appropriate for a referral to be made elsewhere this is something we can discuss.


How do I know who is the right counsellor for me?

When you talk to a counsellor you should feel you can trust them and that you will be comfortable talking with them about very personal thoughts and feelings.  Do you feel understood? Are they empathetic? 


What happens at the Introductory session?

This is when we establish whether counselling will be beneficial to you. It will provide space and time for you in person to talk about what is troubling you and to ask any questions to check out whether I am the right counsellor to support you.  There is no obligation to continue.


How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions you have can be flexible to suit your needs, varying from short to long term or open ended, and will be dependent on when you feel you have some understanding of,  or come to terms with what has been troubling you.

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